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Core Technology

The Metropolitan Group consists of three manufacturing sites, Metropolitan Eximchem Pvt. Ltd., Sunbeam Monochem Pvt. Ltd. and Melog Specialty Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. The former two are family owned while the latter is a joint venture with Japan’s OG Corporation.

We ensure world-class quality in our products,
technology and operations in all our manufacturing units.

Unit Process

Sulphonation, Chlorosulphonation, Nitration (With and Without Solvents), Catalytic Nitration, Aminations, Alkali Fusion, Halogenations, Friedel-crafts Reactions, Oxidations, Alkylation, Hydrazine Chemistry, Ureidations & Urea Fusion, Diazo-coupling Reactions, Cyclisation, Hoffman Degradation, Condensations, Esterification.

Unit Operations

Distillation Simple, Fractional and Steam, Separation/Crystallization, Mixing/Agitation Liquid-Liquid, Liquid-Solid, Liquid-Gaseous, Various Filtrations Normal to Micro filtration, Extractions, Evaporation


Heating up to 250°C and Chilling up to -20°C

Pilot Facilities

CS/SS/GL Reactors of 100-250 Litres, Autoclaves, PP Reactors, Distillation columns, DM Water Plant, Filtration Equipment, Normal and Vacuum Driers, All supportive equipment