Research And Development

The Research and Development centre is run by a proficient team of chemists who are engaged in round the clock development of new and complex products. We develop new products and undertake Custom Synthesis in close relationship with our customers to ensure successful business growth for both. As per ISO 9001:2015, every year we adhere to certain objectives like:

Commercializing at least 3
products per annum.

Developing at least 4 new
products at laboratory level.

Improving at least 2 existing
products in terms of yield and
energy conservation.

Our technology driven R&D centre has been granted recognition from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research and all activities carried out are supported by well-equipped Pilot plants for the scale up of laboratory processes. Specialty molecules, Dyes and Pigment Intermediates are our core areas of research and are developed based on market needs and perceptions.

MEPL promotes environmental conservation for which our lab technicians are constantly developing new methods and processes to save water and energy.