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Metropolitan Eximchem Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing chemicals manufacturers in India. We pride ourselves in being experts in custom synthesis and developing specialty chemicals for a wide range of industries.

Over the last 30 years we have developed products through multiple complicated chemistries for (i) pigment dyes and intermediates, (ii) flame retardants, (iii) specialized products for electronics, (iv) triazines and other UV based products, (v) life science related products that include agrochemicals. Our success has come through our strong reliance on R&D, innovation and sustainable chemistry to help us achieve and deliver the correct product to our customers for their complex and multi-step synthesis projects.

Since inception, we have always invested heavily in research and development because we strongly believe that it is imperative to our success and growth. Our R&D space in MEPL along with a strong team of PhDs. and chemists is an evidence to our dedication.

MEPL is proud to have manufactured over 100+ products in multiple industries and delivered them globally to world leading companies. Thanks to our customers we are able to learn, grow and expand into multiple manufacturing sites across Maharashtra and Gujarat. With our priority of zero effluent discharge, we are always in the process of developing eco-friendly ways to manufacture products. Majority of these products have been developed on exclusive basis for our customers.

MEPL is proud to have a JV with renowned Japanese trading company, OG Corporation, for the last 20 years. We control the manufacturing at our JV plant in Ambernath, Maharashtra, under the name of MELOG Speciality Chemicals.

We now have three manufacturing units with four plants and a combined capacity of 5000 metric tons per annum. At Metropolitan Eximchem Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we have been able to substantially increase our production rate, create new products with a shorter development time, and compete cost-efficiently in the global economy. We are proud of our achievements to date because we believe in a strong commitment to quality, and above all unsurpassed customer service.

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Our vision is to grow into a globally renowned chemicals manufacturing establishment providing the best possible products while practicing safe, sustainable, and responsible chemistry


Our mission at Metropolitan Eximchem Pvt. Ltd. is to provide sophisticated chemistry to our global customer base through our innovation, research and development.

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Sunbeam Monochem

Introduction into Chemicals trading in India.
Worked with multiple agencies to supply specialty chemicals.

Metropolitan Eximchem

First plant set up in Dombivali for manufacturing of specialty chemicals along Export and Import of multiple products

MELOG Specialty Chemicals

Established first JV with Japanese trading company OG Corporation to build first of its kind manufacturing setup in Ambernath, MH


Broke ground on a new 18+ acres manufacturing site with state-of-the art ETP and MEE systems for 0 discharge manufacturing plant.

Looking forward

MEPL is now a household name in the specialty chemicals market in India and abroad. We look forward to years of quality service and a sustainable future