Quality Measures

Metropolitan Eximchem Pvt. Ltd. is compliant with ISO 9001:2000. We are equipped with the following instruments and processes, which help us maintain high quality standards :

High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

Gas Chromatograph

Atomic Absorption Spectroscope

Ultraviolet Visible Spectroscopy

Automatic Titrator

Karl Fisher Moisture Analyser

Health and Safety Measures:

We ensure that the risks attached to our workers’ health and safety are well controlled. In order to maintain listed below are some of the measures we undertake:

Systematic examinations like HAZOP carried out regularly for all processes.
Emergency mock drills carried out on site to ensure alertness.
Respiratory and Non-respiratory PPE provided to all shop-floor employees..
Safety audits carried out internally and externally by competent authorities.
Yearly medical check up as per statutory provision of all employees by certified medical practitioners.
Mediclaim and ESIC facility for all employees.
Tie-up with nearby multispecialty hospitals in case of emergencies..

Environmental Conservation Measures:

Our responsibility towards the environment is as important as that towards our employees. At MEPL, we have created a culture of environmental protection and sustainable development by identifying opportunities to preserve natural resources.

The Effluent Treatment Plant carries out various processes to eliminate the pollutants from the effluent before its re-use.
Various kinds of scrubbers to scrub emissions from different reactions.
Air monitoring survey done regularly by MoEFapproved laboratories.
Coal boilers provided with cyclone chambers and wet scrubbers to prevent dust emissions.
Different types of trees planted all around the factory to fight pollution and dust.
Initiatives taken by top-level management and employees to save water. As a result of this MEPL has reduced its water usage by 20% in the past one year.